What is Your Ultimate Experience


About TuX,  The Ultimate Xperience Company.

Tux is not a travel company, its an Xperience Company. Just like the beautifully diverse world we live in everyone's Xperience is different and accordingly everyone's WHY? is different as well. 

Often this depends on the existing parameters of a travel agent, the product on offer for the day or a service providers understanding of 'their' requirements as opposed to yours.  

At TuX we work the other way around, we aim to best understand the Ultimate you have in mind and this outcome is our mutual goal, that buzz, that knowing, that joyous feeling when you have Xperienced IT, The Ultimate. 

Our Trip Designers and appointed Xperience Agents exist to serve this search and delivery of The Ultimate Xperience whatever, where ever and when ever that is and that is what makes us different and able to assist you, our client. "TuX provides a Global reach, with a personal touch"


TuX started with a story about being part of a once in a lifetime encounter with some great white sharks out from the African coastline.

Tales of this adventure then led to describing the day I spent my birthday assisting with a Lion capture in a South African game reserve and then onwards to describe the feelings Xperienced whilst taking photos from the back of elephants whilst tiger trekking in India.

So started a debate of which was the greater experience, the questions of why we do these things? & of course what are we going to do next?    

Inevitably the subject of bucket lists came up along with a more sobering discussion pointing out that we better hurry up as we aren't getting any younger!

Whilst our lists and determination grew we realised that aside from the type, the location or the choice of a particular Xperience, it was the 'why' that was often the real driver behind that choice and it was the 'why' that supported the reason and led to the planning of next trip or event and the search for The Ultimate Xperience.


Mine included completing the Midmar Mile, the largest open water swim in the world,  to take part in a marathon, to see the Gorillas in Rwanda & to kayak the whitewaters of the Grand Canyon with my son (actually that's one of his Ultimates!). With my daughter we're going to take photos of the great migration (before it disappears under all man's 'progress' & before she sets off on her own life experiences)

Fortunately one of the partners Ultimate's involved wanting flying a hot air balloon over the Serengeti and so the mutual idea giving us our Why? was formed and so was TuX, The Ultimate Xperience Company.

Mark McClue is Co-Founder of The Ultimate Xperience Company, TuX


Trip Designers & Xperience Agents

Common to the background of the founders & management has been a life of travel within a diverse combination of work, leisure and family. This is fuelled by a natural desire to eXplore different lands, cultures environments and the Experiences that each hold. However our mutual enjoyment doesn't just come from the moments we turn to memories, for us it comes from assisting and seeing others achieve theirs and this became the TuX vision:

Our Ultimate Xperience,,,,  is "to see you achieve yours"


If your Ultimate is not defined yet that's ok. Like ours & like most of these things, Xperiences start with an idea, a conversation or a challenge. 

Our friendly and experienced team is always eager to help you and key to their service is to ask and understand, 'What is your Ultimate?' 'What would it look like? and to best understand what it will involve and need to be achieved?'

If correctly envisaged and put together into a plan these can then lead to moments and memories that are life changing and in themselves serve a far greater purpose than just ticking something of a bucket list. Indeed it becomes the Ultimate List

Whatever, Where ever & When ever your TuX is our trip designers and their Xperience Agents are willing to share their personal touch and passion for seeing you achieve it. 

For assistance click here or down load the free TuX planner to get started.