What is Your Ultimate Experience


Our Trip Designers Help Define The

ultimate      noun  1.  the best achievable or imaginable of its kind. 

experience noun 1.  practical contact with and observation of facts or events.

                                                                 2.  an occurrence which leaves an impression on someone. 

What is yours?

Everyone has an Ultimate and yet most sadly never puts it into action. I once met Mike Horn who successfully circumnavigated the globe single-handed walking and sailing around the the line of Zero Latitude. 

An incredible Ultimate that he took on from a challenge set by himself and at times faced what appeared to be impossible situations. Yet Mike completed it and when asked how did he manage it, he said simply "one foot in-front of the other,, one step at a time"

It sounds a cliché but that is all it takes and for those that do it can lead to life changing Xperiences, achievements and friendships. Moments that become memories gaining relationships and knowledge of the world and the life we choose to live whilst having fun. We take them everyday & The Ultimate Xperience Company is there to assist you. 

So take that second step, (the first got you this far!) Whatever, Where ever & When ever your TuX is our trip designers and their Xperience Agents are willing to share their personal touch and passion for seeing you achieve it. For assistance contact us or down load the free TuX planner to get started.